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MSc thesis projects – Ongoing

Balázs Dukai

Automatic identification of LOD in 3D city models

Lessie M. Ortega-Córdova

Framework for Urban Vegetation 3D Modelling

Martijn Vermeer

Large scale automatic extraction of 3D roof segments from aerial imagery

Jan ten Kate

3D noise modeling for outdoor music events in the built environment

MSc thesis projects – Completed


Yuxuan Kang

Straightening and simplifying a multi-view stereo mesh of a city

Bart Staats

Identification of walkable space in a voxel model, derived from a point cloud and its corresponding trajectory

Maya Tryfona

Bidirectional enrichment of CityGML and Multi-View Stereo Mesh models


Tom Broersen

Automatic identification of water courses from AHN3 in flat and engineered landscapes

Florian W. Fichtner

Semantic enrichment of a point cloud based on an octree for multi-storey pathfinding

Erik Heeres

Exploring the 3D BAG: How to define it and to what extent can it automatically be created using open data

Kees Jonker

Automatic generation of raster-based height data for the Netherlands based on the AHN2 data set

Martijn Koopman

3D Path-finding in a voxelized model of an indoor environment

Marco Lam

Creating the medial axis transform for billions of lidar points using a memory efficient method

Tim Nagelkerke

Navigation to a human in motion by using points of interest

Olivier Rodenberg

The effect of A* pathfinding characteristics on the path length and performance in an octree representation of an indoor point cloud

Merwin Rook

Automatic thematic and semantic labelling of 3D city models


Rosann Aarsen

Using sensor-data collected by a "meet rollator" for deriving outdoor accessibility information concerning mobility impaired people

Carl Chen

Edge-aware simplification of roof and facade point clouds into a uniformly dense point cloud

Nikkie den Dekker

Smart cities, sensors & 3D GIS

Martijn van der Ham

Real time analyses of asset tracking in hospitals using indoor positioning technology

Milo Janssen

A 3D subsurface GIS - Adopting vector/voxel data to provide insights regarding climate adaptation and water related issues

Damien Mulder

Automatic repair of 3D city building models using a voxel-based repair method

Maarten Pronk

Storing massive TINs in a DBMS - A comparison and a prototype implementation of the multistar approach

Patricia ten Rouwelaar

Uniformity of topographical key registrations: The derivation of data specifications in order to automatically generalize the BGT into a uniform BGT product and into a midscale data product

Wu Haoxiang

3D semantic model generation from 2D floor plans

Zhou Kaixuan

Exploring Regularities for Improving Quality of Facade Reconstruction from Point Cloud


Vincent van Altena

Improvement of automatic generalisation of manmade water networks for topographic maps by context-dependent pruning

Marija Krūminaitė

Space subdivision for indoor navigation

Karl van Winden

Automatically deriving and updating attribute road data from movement trajectories

Xu Weilin

Spatial model-aided indoor tracking


Roeland Boeters

Automatic enhancement of CityGML LoD2 models with interiors and its usability for net internal area determination

Sjors Donkers

Automatic generation of CityGML LoD3 building models from IFC models

Filippo Mortari

Automatic extraction of improved geometrical network model from CityGML for indoor navigation

Davide Russo

Route Directions using Visible Landmarks for an Indoor Navigation System based on Android device IndoorNav

Lars de Vries

A research towards completing the asset information life cycle -- An analysis of the relationships between data exchange, BIM and the asset life cycle and the solutions to overcome existing issues at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.