The 3D geoinformation research group is part of the Department of Urbanism, Faculty of the Built Environment and Architecture of the Delft University of Technology, and is affiliated with AMS, the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions. It focuses on the technologies underpinning geographical information systems (GIS), and aims at designing, developing, and implementing better systems to model 3D cities, buildings, and landscapes. These systems help in environmental modelling, urban planning, crisis management, automated cartographic generalisation, information modelling, modelling of the interior of buildings, etc.

It is a multidisciplinary group (computer scientists, geomatics engineers, and geographers) composed of 4 permanent research staff and several PhD students, postdocs, and visitors.

It has a history of successful collaborations with the industry and the government: its research has led to software and international standards for the management of 3D geographic information.

The staff of the group is active in several international organisations such as the Open Geospatial Consortium, EuroSDR, and the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.

Our research funding mostly comes from the following organisations:

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Giorgio  Agugiaro photo

Giorgio Agugiaro


Vincent van Altena photo

Vincent van Altena
PhD candidate (external)


Ken  Arroyo Ohori photo

Ken Arroyo Ohori


Linda van den Brink photo

Linda van den Brink
Researcher (external)


Tom  Commandeur photo

Tom Commandeur

Balázs  Dukai photo

Balázs Dukai
Research software engineer

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Weixiao  Gao photo

Weixiao Gao
PhD candidate


Clara  García-Sánchez photo

Clara García-Sánchez

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Bob  Heester photo

Bob Heester
PhD candidate (external)

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Margo van der Helm photo

Margo van der Helm


Patrick  Janssen photo

Patrick Janssen
Associate-prof. (external)


  Kavisha photo

PhD candidate


Anna  Labetski photo

Anna Labetski
PhD candidate

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Hugo  Ledoux photo

Hugo Ledoux

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Liangliang  Nan photo

Liangliang Nan


Francesca  Noardo photo

Francesca Noardo


Ravi  Peters photo

Ravi Peters


Jantien  Stoter photo

Jantien Stoter

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Stelios  Vitalis photo

Stelios Vitalis
PhD candidate

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Former Staff

List of former staff

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