Open-source projects

Here you can find various software projects that were created by our group members and are available under open-source licenses. Before using the software, make sure that the license of a project suits your use case.

All of projects are available on our GitHub group page.

A publication is added where applicable. If you use our code for a scientific project, please cite the corresponding article.


Takes 2D GIS datasets and "3dfies" them by lifting each polygon to its height (obtained with LiDAR)


A fast 3D city model viewer for macOS


A robust semantic-aware utility to convert CityGML data to OBJ, featuring decoupling of objects and conversion of attributes to colours.


Automatic generation of simple interiors for CityGML LOD2


C++ implementation of the shrinking ball algorithm to estimate the 3D Medial Axis from pointclouds.


Planar partition repair. It ensures that a set of polygons form a valid planar partition, made of valid polygons and having no gaps or overlaps.


Automatic repair of GIS polygons according to the OGC Simple Features and ISO 19107 rules.


A procedural modelling engine natively supporting CityGML, and capable of generating 392 representations of a single building.


A simple utility to estimate the yearly solar irradiation of buildings in CityGML


Geometric validation of 3D primitives according to ISO 19107.