Research projects

3D Cadastres

Working group to establish an operational framework for 3D Cadastres

[funded by STW]

Design and implementation of an SDI for integrated environmental modelling in 3D

[funded by STW]

Point cloud modelling with the 3D Medial Axis Transform

5D geo-modelling
[funded by STW]

We integrate 3D geographic data with time and scale as extra dimensions


Bridging the gap between Geo and BIM

Nederland in 3D
[funded by Kadaster]

Automatic reconstruction of the whole of the Netherlands: LOD0 buildings + terrain

Quality control of 3D city models

Validation and quality control of (coming soon: all features) in 3D city models

[funded by STW]

Smart 3D indoor models to support crisis management in large public buildings.

Spying the underground
[funded by 3TU lighthouse]

AR Visualisation of underground pipes

[funded by ERC]

Urban modelling in higher dimensions

Completed reseach projects

Big Data Analytics in the Geospatial Domain

Project to develop voxel, point cloud data types, and spatial features of the MonetDB relational database

Hidden Amsterdam
[funded by AMS]

We help find 'hidden parts' of Amsterdam with 3D city models

Indoor Semantic Modeling to Support Path-Finding

Modelling of building semantics for navigation purpose

Navigation for first responders

Path planning for first responders among the moving obstacles caused by different types of disasters