Rights can be registered in 3D in the Netherlands Kadaster since today!
Mar 21, 2016

On Monday, March 21, 2016, the first deed with an interactive 3D visualisation of rights was registered at the Land Registry in the Netherlands. The deed was registered as a 3D PDF (watch out: only works with Adobe Acrobat). The combined structure of the new city hall and the station of Delft, including the underground railway station and railway tunnel, as well as the underground bicycle parking place is the first to be registered in 3D in this way.

Space is scarce in the Netherlands. Therefore, more and more constructions are built in several layers above and below ground. As long as there is one user on a parcel, a 2D cadastral map provides sufficient insight into the ownership situation. It becomes more complicated when different parties have rights above and below each other and a property is crossing parcel boundaries. To show clearly all properties in such complex ownership situation, more is needed than a standard cadastral map. For this purpose Kadaster established the possibility of a 3D registration in the Land Registry. The advantages are: better overview of rights to immovable property in the Netherlands.

The building complex of the Delft Municipal Office, the underground railway station, the railway tunnel and the underground bicycle parking place in the Delft Railway Zone project was an ideal first project for such a 3D registration. The construction contains rights of three parties together in a compact amount of space: the municipality of Delft as owner of the land, NS Real Estate as holder of the station with shops and installations, lifts and stairs and ProRail / Railinfratrust as holder of the tunnel and the underground station.

For 3D registration, the Land Registry has worked closely together with the 3D Geoinformation group of TU Delft. The 3D visualization of the project was designed by Mecanoo Architects. The notary Houthoff Buruma has issued the certificate for the deposit in the Land Registry.