GeoBIM benchmark 2019

Recent news

Some CityGML data were further corrected and improved (RotterdamLOD12.gml and BuildingLOD3.gml). Their new version is available for download in the respective webpages. Please, use those new versions for performing the next tests. Thank you!

The benchmark events (meeting and winter school) are planned. Look at them in the events page and register for the benchmark (web)meeting on the 8th of July.

Finally, data descriptions are available and the results templates are updated with the IFC 4 files!

All news

Reference study on software support for open standards of city and building models

This benchmark will investigate the available technical solutions to support research and activities related to GeoBIM, through the use of the open standards IFC (by buildingSMART) and CityGML (by OGC):


1. What is the support for IFC within BIM (and other) software?

2. What options for geo-referencing BIM data are available?

3. What is the support for CityGML within GIS (and other) tools?

4. What options for conversion (IFC↔CityGML) are available?


We want you

You can be part of this scientific initiative!

Take part in this benchmark activity by performing one or more tasks.

Volunteers will be welcome to perform one or more tasks using the tools they are familiar with, contributing to build a common reference list of tools to be used for GeoBIM-related activities.

At least one scientific publication co-authored by both the benchmark proponents and volunteers will be written, and final results will be published on the website.

How to participate

And browse the website to know all the details.

Download the call for participation

If you only want to be up-to-date about GeoBIM benchmark activities

Important dates and next steps

March 2019
  • Complete materials available
  • Start of declaration of interest from participants

July 8th, 2019
  • GeoBIM benchmark meeting with participants and proponents

October 31st, 2019
  • Deadline for data processing and benchmark answer submission

December 2nd-3rd, 2019
  • ISPRS-EuroSDR GeoBIM winter school


Francesca Noardo
Ken Arroyo Ohori
Jantien Stoter
Filip Biljecki
Claire Ellul
Lars Harrie
Thomas Krijnen
Giorgio Agugiaro
Margarita Kokla