The three final journal papers are published and open access online. See them in the 'presentations&publications' page.

Final results of the benchmark are now available in the 'presentations&publications' page. Thank you to all the people being involved in the initiative.

The benchmark is finished, thank you to all the involved people for the participation! The website is up-to-date with final participants and (almost) final list of software. In the 'event' page of this website, you can also find the materials and recordings of the GeoBIM benchmark workshop. Have a nice Christmas break everyone!!

The EuroSDR/AMS-institute GeoBIM benchmark workshop is open for registrations (deadline 15th November). The workshop will be held on next December 2nd/3rd in Amsterdam to get insight into the GeoBIM benchmark results and explore in detail the related topics (3D city models, Building Information Models, respective open standards - CityGML, CityJSON, IFC, and more, GeoBIM use cases - automatic building permission issuing, asset management, energy simulations). Visit the 'event' page of this website for more details.

Last week we presented our work so far as a Keynote to the 3D Geoinfo 2019 Conference in Singapore, you can find the new presentation and the new papers in the 'presentations&publications' section of the website. The submission of all the results is approaching, ONE MONTH IS LEFT. We are looking forward to that moment:-)

ACCA software kindly offered us some trial and educational licenses of their software to be used within the benchmark! If anyone of you would like to make the test with an ACCA software, please contact

The IFC geometries files (IFC 2x3 and IFC4) were slightly revised. You can find the new versions in the data webpages.

Some more tests were delivered, thank you to the participants! If you would like to ask more questions, a Q&A session can be organised, please register to the doodle below.

The IFC file Myran was improved, a new version can now be downloaded. The already registered participants received it by e-mail already.

The GeoBIM benchmark meeting was hold on Monday 8th July, to share and discuss the issues and challenges found so far while performing the Tasks.

The final agenda of the GeoBIM (web)meeting (8th July) is published. Check the program in the event section. We are looking forward to meet you.

Some CityGML data were further corrected and improved (RotterdamLOD12.gml and BuildingLOD3.gml). Their new version is available for download in the respective webpages. Please, use those new versions for performing the next tests. Thank you!

The benchmark events (meeting and winter school) are planned. Look at them in the events page and register for the benchmark (web)meeting on the 8th of July.

Finally, data descriptions are available and the results templates are updated with the IFC 4 files!

Some IFC 4 models are added as test data, namely another version of the IFCgeometries.ifc and an Italian building (Savigliano.ifc). In some days, data descriptions will be available and the online results templates for task 1 will be updated.

The materials are ready. Registrations are open!

The website is under construction

Important dates and next steps

March 2019
  • Complete materials available
  • Start of declaration of interest from participants

July 8th, 2019
  • GeoBIM benchmark meeting with participants and proponents

October 31st, 2019
  • Deadline for data processing and benchmark answer submission

December 2nd-3rd, 2019