EuroSDR - AMS GeoBIM benchmark workshop

The GeoBIM benchmark workshop was held on next December 2nd/3rd in the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, in Amsterdam (Kattenburgerstraat 5, Building 027W, 1018JA) to get insight into the GeoBIM benchmark results and explore in detail the related topics:

  • 3D city models,
  • Building Information Models,
  • respective open standards (CityGML, CityJSON, IFC, and more),
  • GeoBIM use cases (automatic building permission issuing, asset management, energy simulations).

Workshop materials

Here you can find the slides presented at the workshop. In the square brackets you find the approximated beginning-end minutes of respective presentation in the recordings.

I day - 2nd December 2019

Recording of the first day is here.

F. Noardo [34:00-51:30], “Welcome and introduction on GeoBIM”

T. Commandeur [52:48-1:18:27] & B. Dukai [1:18:27-1:38:15], 3D city models overview; CityGML overview and CityJSON alternative

S. Vitalis [2:16:05-2:41:35], GeoBIM benchmark results: the support for CityGML (Task 3)

L. Polia [3:54:33-4:12:33], Building Information Models overview

H. Tauscher [4:13:55-5:05:00], Industry Foundation Classes overview

T. Krijnen [5:06:15-5:38:05], GeoBIM benchmark results: the support for IFC (Task 1)

A. Labetski [6:00:23-6:13:37], The world is not all CityGML and IFC: other Geo/BIM standards (LandInfra, gbXML, INSPIRE…)

J. van Liempt (led by) [6:15:00-7:18:42], Workshop - Replicating the results for GeoBIM benchmark Task 1 and 3

C. Ellul (led by) [7:18:43- the end], Conclusions and discussions: ideas towards integration

II day - 3rd December 2019

Recording of the second day is here.

J. Stoter [15:42-27:00], The EuroSDR GeoBIM project

H. Tezerdi, F. Noardo [27:35-1:06:34], GeoBIM for building permission issuing

P. Arapakis, F. Noardo [1:07:05-1:43:27], GeoBIM for microclimate simulations

N. Moretti, C. Ellul [2:10:33-2:42:00], GeoBIM for asset management

S. Vitalis [2:51:30-3:19:20], Stop copying your files: versioning for 3D city models

L. Harrie [4:12:00-4:45:50], Georeferencing BIM and IFC data: GeoBIM benchmark Task 2

C. Ellul [4:45:50-4:50:50 and 5:09:04-5:26:00], Demonstration about georeferencing IFC in Revit

H. Gorne and T. Kaiser [4:52:25-5:08:22], Demonstration IfcGeoRefChecker

J. Tekavec, [5:46:25-5:55:34], Georeferencing with FME workbench

N. Sahleb [5:56:30-6:20:05], Options for conversions: IFC to CityGML and CityGML to IFC (GeoBIM benchmark Task 4)

N. Sahleb [6:20:05-6:38:27], Automatic Conversion of CityGML to IFC

H. Tauscher [6:40:00-6:54:35], IFC2CityGML tool

Programme and speakers: Download the Detailed programme and Speakers here.

Workshop pictures

Other GeoBIM benchmark events

One more event was organised as part of the GeoBIM benchmark project: the GeoBIM benchmark (web)meeting.

You can see some outcomes of the meeting in the following.

GeoBIM benchmark (web)meeting


on Monday, 8th July 2019 h. 9.30 - 11.00 CET


at the TU Delft, the Netherlands, room BG-west-350.

Or around the world, joining it through the web


14 people participated, and it was useful to share the issues found during the tests, usually common to many, and to discuss the Tasks and the challenges.


Important dates and next steps

March 2019
  • Complete materials available
  • Start of declaration of interest from participants

July 8th, 2019
  • GeoBIM benchmark meeting with participants and proponents

October 31st, 2019
  • Deadline for data processing and benchmark answer submission

December 2nd-3rd, 2019