Giorgio Agugiaro

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Research interests

My main research interests are in the field of Geographical Information Systems and spatial data integration, with particular focus on semantic 3D city models and their energy-related topics. Some of my research topics deal, for example, with the development of an information model to manage and exchange semantically-enriched multi-resolution 3D urban data for urban energy planning. More in general, having a semantic 3D city model as background, the idea is to foster software integration to allow complex urban system simulations and close (or reduce) the gap between geo-information and simulation.


  • 2016-2020: Chair of the ISPRS Technical Commission 4, Working Group 10, on "Advanced Geospatial Applications for Smart Cities and Regions"
  • Since 2018: National representative for Austria of the Urban Data Management Society (UDMS)
  • 2012-2016: Secretary of the ISPRS Technical Commission 4 Working Group 1, on "Methods for the update and verification of geospatial databases"

Scientific events



S. Rouet Pollakis. MSc thesis: Utilisation of alternative fuels for inland waterway shipping and impact on harmful emissions in urban areas: a case study of North-Rhine Westphalia.
(Co-supervision, joint MSc thesis with University of Leiden and Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH)

P. Arapakis. MSc thesis: Coupling CityGML with ENVI-met.

X. Wang. MSc thesis: Urban Environment Simulation based on CityGML with Energy ADE and Ladybug.


C. Ferri. MSc thesis: Irradiation and DC yield potential of solar highways in the Netherlands.

F. G. Garcia-Gonzalez. MSc thesis: An interactive design tool for urban planning using the size of the living space as unit of measurement.

P. Ruben. MSc thesis: 3D city models in the context of urban mining: A case study based on the CityGML model of Rotterdam.

G. Michailidou. MSc thesis: The influence of the visible views on cyclists route choices.


C.-K. Wang. MSc thesis: Urban building energy modeling using 3D city model and minimizing uncertainty through Bayesian inference.

I. Boates @ Hochschule Karlsruhe & EIFER, Germany. MSc thesis: A 3D data modeling approach for integrated management of below and above ground utility network features.
(AIT-side external co-supervision)

A. Pasquinelli @ Politecnico di Milano, Italy. PhD thesis: The Creation of a city-wide Building Information System: Criticalities and potentialities of public information on buildings.
(AIT-side external co-supervision)

P. Würstle @ HFT Stuttgart, Germany. MSc thesis: Conception and development of a prototype for using a 3D city model as data integration basis for energy relevant geodata at the example of Ludwigsburg.
(AIT-side external co-supervision)

X. den Duijn. MSc thesis: A 3D data modeling approach for integrated management of below and above ground utility network features.
(AIT-side external co-supervision)


F. Malik @ Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien. MSc thesis: Improvement of 3D city model data retrieval and implementation of bidirectional communication.
(AIT-side external co-supervision)

P. Holcik @ Technische Universität Wien. MSc thesis: Conceptual modelling and implementation of a bidirectional data interface between CityGML and EnergyPlus.
(AIT-side external co-supervision)


G. Saigy @ Technical University of Izmir, Turkey. PhD thesis: Development of a database for the restitution phases of Kurşunlu Khan in Manisa.
(FBK- and AIT-side external co-supervision)


G. Stevanato @ Università di Padova, Italy. MSc thesis: Stima del potenziale fotovoltaico su edifici urbani in ambiente GIS mediante dati lidar e fotogrammetrici (in Italian).
(FBK-side external co-supervision)


F. Ruzzon @ Università di Padova, Italy. MSc thesis: La metodologia satellitare nel rilievo planoaltimetrico della pavimentazione del centro storico della città di Venezia. Test di acquisizione e prospettive di utilizzo di una rete di stazioni permanenti (in Italian).

G. Stevanato @ Università di Padova, Italy. BSc thesis: Integrazione di dati GPS e laser scanning per il microrilievo ad alta risoluzione. Test Site il sito archeologico delle Terme Neroniane a Montegrotto Terme (PD) (in Italian).


F. Cuppari @ Università di Padova, Italy. MSc thesis: Texture mapping ad alta dinamica di rilievi a scansione laser close range: Matyas-Templom a Budapest (in Italian).

C. Cervato @ Università di Padova, Italy. MSc thesis: Metodologie di allineamento di nuvole di punti per rilievi close range panoramici: Matyas-Templom a Budapest (in Italian).


G. Bertoncello @ Università di Padova, Italy. MSc thesis: Il cooridoio V nel Veneto: applicazione dell'analisi di prossimità ad un territorio urbanizzato (in Italian).

E.R. Ambrosi @ Università di Padova, Italy. MSc thesis: Rappresentazione 3D e sistemi GIS: problemi metodologici e moderazione del contesto costruito (in Italian).

A. Fiorin @ Università di Padova, Italy. BSc thesis: Aggiornamento e georeferenziazione di indicatori ambientali per il progetto nazionale di pianificazione territoriale "Carta natura" (in Italian).

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