Urban modelling in higher dimensions (UMnD)


Urban modelling in higher dimensions, UMnD for short, is a project funded by the ERC Starting Grant to Jantien Stoter; 1.5 million euros for a five-year research project. It started in September 2016.

Geographic data about urban objects (buildings, roads) is needed to monitor and control the processes within modern urban areas (noise, flooding, energy demand-supply). As these processes occur in 3D, urban applications require 3D data and each application requires its own specific semantic and geometric level of detail (LoD) of the 3D data. The scientific challenge of Jantien’s project is that it requires enormous efforts to collect and transform 3D data to make it suitable for a specific application. The project will develop a 4D data model that captures application specific LoDs of urban objects as additional dimension to the three spatial ones (i.e. 3D+LoD). This will result in a fundamental solution for providing 3D data at application specific LoDs and it will solve the current problem of independently acquired and stored LoDs of a 3D urban model.


Stelios  Vitalis photo

Stelios Vitalis
PhD candidate