3D talks: our series of seminars

Every 2 weeks, we hold talks about one aspect of 3D geoinformation. Either one staff of the group presents their latest results, or we invite someone from another university or from a company to present their results and/or latest developments.

These are usually Fridays at 11:00–12:00, and everyone is welcome to join.

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Upcoming talks

Date Presenter Title Room (at BK-City) Time
2017-03-29 Henri Veldhuis and Marco Grimaudo Geo-ICT and 3D (also Hololens applications) at Sweco BG.West.270 09:30-10:30

Past talks

Date Presenter Title Slides
2017-03-17 Filip Biljecki and Ravi Peters Report on research visits to HFT Stuttgart and FBK in Trento
2017-03-08 Fabio Remondino (FBK Trento) Overview of the activities at 3DOM
2017-03-03 Roland van der Heijden 3D Rotterdam 2.0
2017-02-16 Erik Meerburg Tangible maps, an analog approach to digital urban models
2017-02-03 Steffen Nijhuis (TU Delft) The role of (3D) GIS in the urbanism design process
2017-01-20 Bob Heester Building Information Framework: Integrating Geo- and BIM-data about the built environment
2016-12-16 Patrick Janssen (National University of Singapore) Towards generative and evaluative feedback in urban planning
2016-12-12 Lucía Díaz Vilariño Indoor navigation from point clouds: 3D modelling and obstacle detection
2016-11-25 Guus Tamminga (TU Delft, CiTG) Matching Multiscale traffic simulations with CityGML
2016-11-11 Kaixuan Zhou (TU Delft, CiTG) 3D city model aided building change detection from VHR aerial images
2016-10-28 Peter van Veelen (TU Delft, BK) Research programme Urban Deltas: explanation of what it is and exploration of collaboration
2016-10-17 Katerina Mekhlis & Sergey Gevorkov Overview of 3D Urban panoramas in NeoCity project
2016-10-14 Meisam Yousefzadeh Overview of 3D activities at 3D GeoSolutions