Amsterdam CityGML model LoD 1

Short description

This model represents the city of Amsterdam in CityGML, including all the entities for a seamless 3D city model (buildings, roads, vegetation, and so on).

It was produced with the software 3dfier by the TUDelft 3D geoinformation group, and slightly modified for the purposes of the benchmark.

The used Level of Detail (LoD) is 1. Check the CityGML description in the website and related documentation to have more details.

Technical details

Name of the file: Amsterdam.gml

Used CityGML version: 2

Level(s) of Detail: LoD 1

The geometries are all managed as MultiSurfaces.

Georeferencing details

Coordinate reference system: EPSG: 7415 (Combined SRS for 3D data, based on Amersfoort / RD New system)

Envelope lowerCorner:

E 116137.400

N 481250.300

H 0

Envelope upperCorner:

E 129664.253

N 490288.900

H 100

Semantics details

Here, the entities included in the model are listed model (you can read the CityGML documentation for their full description):

  • core:CityModel
  • LandUse
  • WaterBody
  • Road
  • bldg:Buildings
  • PlantCover
  • GenericCityObject
  • Bridge

4 Elements

In the following images (in the software Azul), you can see the classification (and hierarchies) of specific elements, to be used as reference while performing the Task 3. From these views you can also have a view about how the geometry looks like, in order to have a visual reference for testing your software.

Element 1 - WaterBody

Element 2 - LandUse

Element 3 - Building

For this element it is also possible to consider the attribute ‘measuredHeight’ (value 11.74 m)

Element 4 - PlantCover


You can download the amsterdam.gml data from this link

Important dates and next steps

March 2019
  • Complete materials available
  • Start of declaration of interest from participants

July 8th, 2019
  • GeoBIM benchmark meeting with participants and proponents

October 31st, 2019
  • Deadline for data processing and benchmark answer submission

December 2nd-3rd, 2019