Open datasets

Noise 3D

Automatically generated 3D input data for noise studies.

3D city models

List of cities around the world with open 3D datasets, available in various formats.

3D city models in CityJSON

Several CityJSON example datasets

Procedural multi-LoD data

Created with Random3Dcity, available in OBJ and CityGML.


All the 10M buildings in the Netherlands in LoD1.2, LoD1.3, and LoD2.2!

SUM Helsinki

A benchmark dataset of semantic urban meshes in Helsinki (Finland). The meshes are available in PLY format.

Curated lists

Furthermore, Wikipedia has a list of national lidar datasets. These datasets can be used as input to generate 3D city models. A possibility is to use the open-source software 3dfier developed at our group, or other CityGML software.