Jobs opening in our group

closed Junior or Postdoc Researcher: Development of GeoBIM based solutions for Digital Building Permit Checking

closed Postdoc or Junior Researcher on ‘Multi-fidelity uncertainty quantification for urban flows: from simple to realistic geometries’

closed Data and Software Engineer for Urban Applications

closed Assistant-professor: Urban Data for Design

closed Postdoc or Junior Researcher: Automated 3D building reconstruction from aerial photography

closed Developer or Researcher: Digitalisation of Building Permit Checks by GeoBIM approaches

closed PhD: 3D understanding and modeling based on AI

closed PhD: Automation of urban flow simulations with 3D City Models

closed PhD: 3D city models for energy applications

closed Postdoc Researcher: Integrating Geo and BIM

closed Assistant-professor” 3D city modelling for urban applications (tenure track)

closed PhD: Automatic generation of semantic 3D city models from 3D textured meshes

closed Assistant-professor: 3D reconstruction for urban applications (tenure track)

closed PhD: 3D and 4D data for Urban modelling

closed PhD: Generalisation of 3D city models

closed Postdoc: 3D space subdivision for indoor navigation

closed PhD: Efficient storage, update and dissemination of massive 3D city models