Multi-fidelity uncertainty quantification for urban flows: from simple to realistic geometries

We are looking for a researcher (Postdoc) to explore a multi-fidelity framework in CFD simulations that exploits the accuracy of LES and the efficiency (plus geometrical complexity) of RANS.

The last decades there has been a growing interest in urban flows, linked to an increase attraction to the exploitation of the urban air space. Some contributions have focused on evaluating the impact of urban layouts on airflows, specifically looking at wind, heat and pollution dispersion. In this position, the researcher will explore multi-fidelity techniques (that combine low and high-fidelity CFD simulations) to improve numerical predictions in urban environments, specifically addressing uncertainties related to turbulence modeling, geometry simplification and changing inflow conditions.

The 3D Geoinformation research group, Section Urban Data Science has an open 2.5/3-year position for a researcher (Postdoc) to specifically address the project tasks:

Research group

The position will be embedded in the 3D geoinformation research group, Section Urban Data Science part of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. The group focuses on technologies underpinning open geo-data and the integration with Building Information. Models and aims at designing, developing, and implementing open data and open source solutions to model cities, buildings, and landscapes in 3D for environmental and urban studies. Open Science is an important principle of our research. We are also the main provider of education in the MSc Geomatics. It is a multidisciplinary group of about 25 people, including computer scientists, geomatics engineers, and geographers. It has a history of successful collaborations with the industry and the government: its research has led to software, standards and patents for the management of 3D geographic information.

The researcher will work in close collaboration with the framework under the REFMAP consortium, which aims at developing a digital service that quantifies the environmental footprints of air mobility for airliners and UAS at a “multi-scale” level.

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For more information about this position, please contact directly dr Clara Garcia-Sanchez.