New version of 3DBAG - LoD2 models for all buildings in The Netherlands - is out!
Jun 28, 2023

We are happy to announce that the new release of 3DBAG - based on the new LiDAR data set (AHN4) and also containing major improvements - is out. The 3DBAG started as a research product of our 3DGeoinformation group.

It is now a collaboration between our group and the spinoff 3DGI, established by our former colleagues and main 3DBAG developers Ravi Peters and Balázs Dukai. Our collaboration received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) for a proof of concept (as follow up of the ERC grant of Jantien Stoter) to ensure both the technical and economical sustainability of 3DBAG as up-to-date and open data service. The funding made the new release possible and at the same time we are studying other improvements for future releases (such as the use of imagery as source data by our postdoc Weixiao Gao).

This release implements former research such as on how to optimally combine AHN3 and AHN4 to update the 3DBAG. 3DGI rewrote the data pipeline to both improve the reconstruction success rate and to offer a reliable update schedule in the future (that will incorporate further developments). Gina Stavropoulou from our research group has joined the 3DBAG team and worked on creating the new 3D tiles for the viewer.

We are very happy to see that the 3DBAG is widely used. And together with 3DGI we remain committed to keep 3DBAG as an open dataset in the future!

Full release notes