Our method to generate 3D input data for noise simulations applied to whole country
Feb 5, 2021

In past research, our group has developed a method to automatically reconstruct a 3D noise model from open data.

The method has been devekoped in several research projects with RWS, RIVM, IPO and Kadaster. Recently the data has been generated for the whole country and made available via the national geoportal PDOK. The 3D noise model is a 3D representation of the physical environment containing information on terrain height, noise absorption and reflection factors and buildings. The 3D noise model can be used in noise simulation studies. In current noise studies, such models are generated by different organisations in a semi-automated manner and for each noise study again. This is inefficient and results in varying content and quality and sometimes even different outcomes. The 3D noise model that has been published provides a uniform, freely available alternative.