10 new MSc thesis defenses!
Jul 16, 2020

We’ve recently had busy weeks with 10 students finishing their MSc Geomatics theses with our group! 🎉🥳

Some were done at the university (we had to get dressed and go out the door, bizarre…) and some were done online.

Research titles and links to the final results can be explored below, followed by photos of some very happy and relieved students.

Have a great summer all, you deserve it! 🤩😎

Felix Dahle

Automatic change detection in digital maps using aerial images and point clouds

Chirag Garg

Indoor 3D reconstruction from a single image

Pantelis Kaniouras

Road detection from remote sensing imagery

Imke Lánský

Height inference for all USA building footprints in the absence of height data

Amber Mulder

Semantic segmentation of RGB-Z aerial imagery using convolutional neural networks

Laurens Oostwegel

Indoor positioning using augmented reality

Aviva Opsomer

Exploring the effects of void decks on urban ventilation in Singapore

Gabriella Wiersma

Towards the linking of geospatial government data: A study on the semantic harmonisation between data from Dutch geo-registries

Yifang Zhao

Outer surface extraction for complex 3D building models

Jordi van Liempt

CityJSON: does (file) size matter?