5th meeting EuroSDR GeoBIM project
Jun 19, 2019

On 17 and 18th of June, the 5th project meeting of the EuroSDR GeoBIM project took place at Lund University, Sweden.

In this project, led by Francesca Noardo from our group, 12 Mapping Agencies and 5 research institutes are collaborating to increase the use of geo-data in BIM applications and vice versa. We are currently in the phase of analysing the steps of specific real-world workflows that could be improved by a better combined use of geo-data and BIM data. The two workflows of our study are the building permit workflow and asset management. During the meeting we agreed upon a building permit workflow that reflects the workflow in the participating countries. In a next step, certain steps of the workflow will be prototyped and from this, data requirements for the involved BIM- and geo-data will be formulated. For the asset management workflow, the results of a series of interviews with asset management organisations held in the UK were presented. From this, we will draw conclusions how geo-data can improve their workflows.

More information about the project can be found here.