We are exhibiting at La Biennale, Venice!
Jun 4, 2018

The Biennale Architettura in Venice is one of the most prestigious events for architecture. It is organized every two years to showcase the state of the art. This year, the Faculty of Architecture of our university selected ten research projects, groups to be exhibited at the Biennale and our group is proud to be one of them. At the 3D geoinformation research group, we see ourselves as enablers, working on information-rich models of our living environment that are used by domain experts for making informed decisions. Therefore our exhibit displays a printed 3D city model with various use-cases projected onto it. Check it out if you are in Venice this summer!

The physical exhibit is accompanied by an article in the Spool journal.

We are thankful for Balázs Dukai, Bob Heester from Antea Group, who is a PhD candidate in our group, Bob Zwanink and the Faculty of Architecture for their contribution to our exhibit.

A little impression of our booth in Venice: