CityJSON: a JSON-based implementation of CityGML, easy-to-use and compact
Aug 18, 2017

We have recently launched the version 0.1 of CityJSON, which is a format for encoding a subset of the CityGML data model using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). The aim of CityJSON is to offer an alternative to the GML encoding of CityGML, which can be verbose and complex (and thus rather frustrating to work with). CityJSON aims at being easy-to-use, both for reading datasets, and for creating them. It was designed with programmers in mind, so that tools and APIs supporting it can be quickly built. It was also designed to be compact (we have noticed a compression factor of at least 4X, often 10X+), and friendly for web and mobile development.

We plan to further develop it based on comments from practitioners (so please give us feedback) and by adding support to our other projects (eg val3dity and azul).

–> Website of CityJSON