Two new MSc theses completed in our group
Aug 1, 2017

Earlier this summer, both Maya Tryfona and Yuxuan (Ethan) Kang successfully defended their MSc thesis work (in the programme MSc Geomatics at TU Delft). Congratulations!

Both worked with a multi-view stereo mesh of Amsterdam, as shown below. This 3D mesh was obtained by matching images taken from car driving around Amsterdam and of aerial photos of the same area.

Maya investigated the birectional enrichment of this dataset with a 3D city model of the same area, and Yuxuan developed a methodology to straighten the surfaces (eg walls and roofs).

3D - Amsterdam from CycloMedia on Vimeo.

Maya Tryfona
Bidirectional enrichment of CityGML and Multi-View Stereo Mesh models
PDF thesis

Yuxuan Kang
Straightening and simplifying a multi-view stereo mesh of a city
PDF thesis