Very positive review of Ken Arroyo Ohori's PhD thesis
Dec 9, 2016

We were very happy—and surprised—to see that the Journal of Spatial Science (made by Mohsen Kalantari) has published a review of the PhD thesis of Ken Arroyo Ohori, who defended earlier this year his PhD work in our group. Surprised because we do not often see reviews of PhD theses, that section is, we believe, mostly reserved for the review of books.

The review, available here, is very positive:

it pushes the boundary of existing theories in 3D geographic modelling. It brings the knowledge-base of the spatial sciences to a new level. Particularly, the early chapter on conceptualising higher dimensions of geographic phenomena is significant for the spatial sciences.

and even states that it could be used as a textbook:

I strongly recommend the book to those who are undertaking research in 3D and spatiotemporal information. Also, the book has the potential to be used as a reference textbook for teaching.

The thesis released into the public domain using the CC0 code, and is freely available online.

For those interested in how it was written (ie the details about LaTeX), Ken wrote a nice blog post.