3fier now creates valid IMGeo 2.1.1
Dec 5, 2016

Today a new version of 3dfier (v0.8.1) is released on GitHub. 3dfier is our open-source software to automatically construct 3D city models, more details and a videos are available in this news item.

We worked hard on implementing the IMGeo 2.1.1 ADE of the CityGML standard and we can proudly announce that the output of 3dfier is validating against the Geonovum IMGeo GML Validator. If BGT is used as input for 3dfier and CityGML-IMGeo as output format, all attributes will be mapped to the correct classes.

Creating a valid schema was quite challenging but we found the correct syntax and ordering of the object attributes for the data to validate. Subclasses like OndersteunendWegdeel, OndersteunendWaterdeel, Kunstwerkdeel, and OverigBouwwerk are written separately from the internal 3dfier class types to satisfy the IMGeo standard.

Part of the validation failed during the CRS check for EPSG 28992 (2D RD New) which for 3D should also allow EPSG 7415 (RD New + NAP height).