New IJGIS paper on the automatic generation of simple indoors from CityGML LOD2 models
Aug 5, 2015

A new paper has been published in IJGIS:

Boeters, R., Arroyo Ohori, K., Biljecki, F., and Zlatanova, S. (2015). Automatically enhancing CityGML LOD2 models with a corresponding indoor geometry. International Journal of Geographical Information Science.
DOI: 10.1080/13658816.2015.1072201

The paper deals with the following:

  • Definition of LOD2+: indoor geometry with an LOD corresponding to LOD2 (CityGML).
  • A method to automatically generate LOD2+ data from models with an exterior geometry.
  • Tests with real-world data: we have generated the LOD2+ of Rotterdam, from the CityGML dataset Rotterdam 3D.
  • Use case: calculating the net internal area of buildings, and validation with real world data from government records.

The code (lod2plus) supporting this work can be found on the Github repository of our group.