Hello 3D geo-world
Nov 20, 2014 (from: Jantien Stoter)

Since 1st of November 2014, our 3D geoinformation research group has started.

Our vision is that the reality is complex and constantly changing and therefore 3D geoinformation (outdoor and indoor) is extremely important to manage, predict and maintain the complex reality. We study and develop techniques to model, maintain, analyse and disseminate 3D geoinformation. Serving the nowadays users’ needs is thereby extremely important and therefore we develop solutions in close collaboration with users such as experts of noise, air and evacuation simulations. We are happy that our group is located within the Department of Urbanism, since 3D is a key aspect in the design and planning of interventions in the urban environment. We are therefore very close to the main users of 3D geoinformation who can advance in their own domain by using ours and vice versa.

Our group consists of three permanent staff members with different but completing expertise in the domain of 3D modeling: Jantien Stoter (3D geoinformation infrastructure), Sisi Zlatanova (indoor modeling and disaster management), Hugo Ledoux (data structures and algorithms for 3D modelling). Besides ourselves, PhD students and research visitors permanently work on highly relevant topics as you can see on our staff and projects pages.

We are looking forward to study and provide solutions for a solid and sustainable 3D basis to support existing and new applications!