Cities/regions around the world with open datasets

If you know of any other open datasets please contribute them here!

dataset country year building LoD other classes textures acquisition formats notes
Adelaide Australia 2015 LoD1/LoD2 Terrain true .3DS with JPEG textures, Blender, FBX
American cities USA 2019 LoD1 false CityJSON, CityGML 125 million buildings, separated by state
Austin USA 2013 LoD2 false KMZ
Berlin Germany 2013 LoD2 true CityGML, 2D Shape, 3D Shape - PolygonZ, 3D Shape - Multipatch, KMZ, DXF, DWG, 3DS, ESRI FGDB Released in 2015
Bogotá Colombia 2019 LoD1 false GeoPackage, PostgreSQL, GeoDataBase
Bordeaux France 2012 LoD2 true 3DS Version without textures available here
Boston USA 2017 LoD1+LoD2 Terrain false OBJ, DWG, MAX, Shapefile
Brussels Belgium 2014 LoD2 false CityGML, DWG, DGN, GML, Shapefile, SketchUp
Calgary Canada 2023 LoD2 false GDB, KMZ, Shapefile
Cambridge, MA USA LoD1 false DXF, Shapefile, COLLADA
Dresden Germany 2009 LoD1/LoD2/LoD3 partially CityGML
Espoo Finland 2019 LoD1-3 true CityGML Many classes from CityGML: water body, terrain, landuse, etc.
Estonia Estonia 2021 LoD1+LoD2 false Geodatabase, CityGML, OBJ Updated frequently
Fredericton Canada 2016 LoD2 true KMZ
Greater Geelong Australia 2016 LoD1/LoD2 Terrain false KML
Hamburg Germany 2017 LoD1 and LoD2 Cadastre footprints + LiDAR CityGML
Helsinki Finland 2016 LoD2 true CityGML, 2D Shape, 3D Shape - PolygonZ, 3D Shape - Multipatch, KMZ, DXF, DWG, 3DS, ESRI FGDB
Ingolstadt (by research project) Germany 2020 LoD3 mainly buildings true manually modeled based on MLS CityGML LoD3 Modeling Guide
Japan (PLATEAU) Japan 2021 LoD1+LoD2 false Shapefile, CityGML, 3Dtile/geopackage in total 56 cities in Japan
Linz Austria 2011 LoD2 false CityGML
Luxembourg Luxembourg 2017 LoD1+LoD2.3 false CityGML LoD1 is also available at this link
Lyon France 2009, 2012, 2015 LoD2 Terrain, water true CityGML
Montréal Canada 2013 LoD2 Terrain (TIN in CityGML format) true Photogrammetry CityGML, 3DM The LiDAR dataset of the same area is also available. 2009 dataset also available.
Namur Belgium 2018 LoD2 true CityGML, Sketchup Bridges and citadel available here
Netherlands 3D BAG the Netherlands 2021 LoD1+LoD2 false CityJSON, GPKG, OBJ, dump PostgreSQL all 10M+ buildings in the Netherlands
New York City (by DoITT) United States 2016 LoD2 false Cadastre footprints + LiDAR CityGML, Multipatch (ESRI), DGN Buildings are modeled with thematic surfaces in LoD2, however, for most buildings the geometric shape is LoD1
New York City (by TUM) United States 2015 LoD1 Roads, lots, parks, water, terrain false Photogrammetry in combination with existing public 2(.5)D datasets CityGML Article with details
North Rhine-Westphalia (state) Germany 2016 LoD1+LoD2 false Cadastre footprints, LiDAR, aerial images. LoD1 is derived from LoD2 models with average roof height (details here) CityGML Enormous datasets that covers whole NRW (NRW is the most populated state in Germany) Cities included: Düsseldorf, Essen, Oberhausen, Köln, Bonn and more
Philadelphia USA 2015 LoD2 true GDB
Potsdam Germany 2018 LoD2 false CityGML
Poznań Poland 2019 LoD1+LoD2 false several diff formats
Rotterdam Netherlands 2010 LoD2 true Cadastre footprints + LiDAR CityGML
San Francisco USA 2017 LoD1 false KML, Shapefile, File Geodatabase
Singapore Singapore 2019 LoD1 false CityJSON, OBJ Public housing (HDB) buildings. Code used to generate dataset is publicly available.
The Hague Netherlands 2018 LoD2 Terrain false CityGML, DGN 2010 model also available. It contains terrain intersection curves!
Toronto Canada 2016 LoD1 Shapefile, ESRI Multipatch, AutoCAD, SketchUp
Vancouver Canada 2009 LoD1 false Shapefile, DWG, KML
Vantaa Finland 2017 LoD1+LoD2 true CityGML, Sketchup, KML
Various CityJSON datasets Netherlands, Canada, USA, Austria 2018 LoD2 some converted from CityGML with citygml4j CityJSON Available cities are the Hague, Montréal, New York, Rotterdam, Vienna, and Zürich
Vienna Austria 2018 LoD2 false CityGML From the building footprints of the area multipurpose map and a surface model semi-automatically derived prototypical roof forms.
Zürich Switzerland 2019 LoD1+LoD2 Terrain false several diff formats