3DGI: A spin-off of the 3D Geoinformation Research Group!
Jun 8, 2022

We are excited to announce that a spin-off company from our research group was founded! After years of research and development work often in collaboration with partners from government and industry, we realized there is a need for accessibility and continuity beyond the scope of academic research projects. Two of our colleagues, Bal√°zs Dukai and Ravi Peters, therefore established the company 3DGI. 3DGI provides consulting and software development and support services, both on existing and new projects, with the mission of advancing the use of state of the art 3D geoinformation in daily practice.

Like our research group, 3DGI is committed to the use and further development of open source software and open datasets such as the 3D BAG. This will assure quality, foster innovation, and ensure that we reach as many users as possible. Based on customer requests 3DGI can implement new features, further facilitate integrations with other software and platforms, and offer general support and consultancy services for our open source software projects and open datasets. In this way we aim to serve the widest possible range of users, and maximise the impact of 3D geoinformation on our society at a time that so many exciting new uses and applications of 3D geoinformation are emerging.

3DGI will be working in close collaboration with the 3D Geoinformation Research Group. Our first major joint effort will be on the 3D BAG service and the underlying tools. More news on this coming soon!

Take a look at the new 3DGI website.