9 MSc theses defences!
Jul 17, 2019

We’ve had a busy several weeks with 9 students finishing their MSc Geomatics theses with our group! 🎉🥳

Research titles and links to the final results can be explored below, followed by photos of some very happy and relieved students.

Have a great summer all, you deserve it! 🤩😎

Freek Boersma

Exploring the modelling of different LoDs of roads and intersections in 3D city models

Vasileios Bouzas

Structure-aware building mesh simplification

Shenglan Du

Accurate, Detailed and Automatic Tree Modelling from Point Clouds

Francisco Gabriel Garcia Gonzalez

An interactive design tool for urban planning using the size of the living space as unit of measurement

Davey Oldenburg

Reverse Waste Flow Mapping for Amsterdam

Pablo Ruben

3D City Models in the Context of Urban Mining

Nikolaos Tzounakos

Robust interior-exterior classification for 3d models

Qu Wang

3D breakline extraction from point clouds with the medial axis transform

Yixin Xu

Improving location accuracy of a crowdsourced weather station by using a point cloud: use case base Netatmo on the Hague