Four new MSc theses in our group
Nov 12, 2018

In the last 2 weeks, 4 students from the MSc Geomatics programme at TU Delft graduated with theses supervised by staff from our group. Congratulations to them 🎉

You can download their thesis in the links below, they are all—surprise, surprise—related to 3D geoinformation!

Antria Christodoulou

An image-based method for the pairwise registration of mobile laser scanning point clouds

Simon Griffioen

A voxel-based methodology to detect (clustered) outliers in aerial lidar point clouds

Panagiotis Karydakis

Simplification & visualization of BIM models through Hololens

Linjun Wang

Detailed Facade Reconstruction for Manhattan-world Buildings

Xin Wang

Using CityGML Energy ADE data in Honeybee

Qu Wang

3D breakline extraction from point clouds with the medial axis transform

Cheng-Kai Wang

Urban building energy modeling using 3D city model and minimizing uncertainty through Bayesian inference