Welcome Giorgio!
Aug 7, 2018

Giorgio Agugiaro has joined our research group as an Assistant Professor (tenure track).

He completed in 2002 his studies in environmental engineering at the University of Padova, Italy. He received in 2009 his Ph.D. in Geomatics as a joint doctorate between the Technische Universität Berlin and the University of Padova. From 2010 till 2014 he worked for the 3D Optical Metrology unit at Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK) in Trento, Italy. In 2013 he spent 7 months as visiting researcher at the Technische Universität München (Germany). Before moving to the Netherlands, he worked 2014-2018 in Vienna at the Austrian Institute of Technology in the Sustainable and Resilient Cities and Regions unit.

His main research interests are in the field of Geographical Information Systems and spatial data integration, with particular focus on semantic 3D city modelling and their energy-related topics. Some of his research topics deal for example with the development of an information model to manage and exchange semantically-enriched multi-resolution 3D data for urban energy planning. Having a semantic 3D virtual city model as background, the idea is to foster software integration to allow complex urban system simulation and close (or reduce) the gap between geo-information and simulation.

He is currently chair of the ISPRS Technical Commission 4 WG 10 (Advanced Geospatial Applications for Smart Cities and Regions) and national representative for Austria of the Urban Data Management Society (UDMS).