EuroSDR Project meeting on Economic value of 3D data
Sep 15, 2016

On Tuesday 13th of September 2016, our group welcomed the EuroSDR project team studying the economic value of 3D Geo-Information. The aim of the meeting was to discuss intermediate results.

The project is unique because it is funded through “crowd-funding” by eleven National Mapping Agencies (NMAs) and EuroSDR as 12th partner and is done by the company ConsultingWhere. The results of the project will give the participating NMAs understanding in the business case of 3D data: in what applications does a 3D approach give added value?; what are the required 3D data for these applications”; and, what are the costs and benefits to collect and maintain these 3D data nationwide?

Earlier in the project 6 use cases were selected: Better Forestry Management, Urban Planning, Asset Management, Flood management, Security and Safety, 3D Cadastre/ 3D valuation. Before summer, for each of these a workshop with stakeholders was organized at one of the participating NMA. The aim of these workshops was to identify the value chain for the concerning 3D Geoinformation.

In the project meeting of 13th September the results of all workshops were discussed and based on that two of them were selected for further study including quantifying benefits and costs: Flood management en Urban Planning. The project will finish early 2017 with a workshop in which we will present the result to a wider public.