Well attended Geo/BIM inspiration session on 14th of June
Jun 29, 2016

On 14th of June 2016 the 3D Special Interest Group NL organised a BIM/Geo inspiration session. The aim of the session was to explore the state-of-the-art of the integration in practice. It was hosted by the Amsterdam Institute of Advanced Metropolitan solutions.

13 speakers from governments, industry and academia presented their views and on going activities to better integrate information from the Building&Construction domain with geo-Information. All presentations show the need of integration of the two domains. However, they also showed that reuse of data from one domain in the other domain is still quiet complicated in practice. One information model that would include the needs from both domains may be considered as the solution to the problem. However no one saw this as feasible, given the fundamental differences in semantics, geometry and level of detail. Much can already be gained if both domains consider the future use of the data in the other domain. This would result in specifications for geo-friendly BIM data and BIM-friendly geo-data which will make the conversion of data between the two domains much more straightforward. Another conclusions of the session was that hands-on experience on the exchange of data is necessary to make the BIM/Geo integration tangible. Also to prepare governments on an integrated approach because the information and data flow between the two domains asks for overarching agreements laid down in standards.

The presentations of the session are available from the geonovum website.