A scientometric analysis of selected GIScience journals
Jan 18, 2016

Scientometrics and bibliometrics provide statistical techniques for measuring and analysing science. Scientometric studies have been carried out in many disciplines, but not particularly in GIScience. The following study, published in IJGIS, bridges this gap.

Biljecki, F. (2016). A scientometric analysis of selected GIScience journals. International Journal of Geographical Information Science, vol. 30(7), July 2016, pp. 1302-1335. doi:10.1080/13658816.2015.1130831

Abstract: A set of 12,436 papers published in 20 GIScience journals in the period 2000–2014 were analysed to extract publication patterns and trends. This comprehensive scientometric study focuses on multiple aspects: output volume, citations, national output and efficiency (output adjusted with econometric indicators), collaboration, altmetrics (Altmetric score, Twitter mentions, and Mendeley bookmarking), authorship, and length. Examples of notable observations are that 5% countries account for 76% of global GIScience output; a paper published 15 years ago received a median of 12 citations; and the share of international collaborations in GIScience has more than tripled since 2000 (31% papers had authors from multiple countries in 2014, an increase from 10% in 2000).

The freely available author’s version PDF is available here. Please use the publisher’s version if available to you.