Release of new CityGML compliant software
Dec 18, 2014 (from: Filip Biljecki)

The list of our software projects was upgraded by two recently released software packages designed for CityGML. They are available open-source on the Github page of the group.

Random3Dcity is a procedural modelling engine that generates procedural 3D city models in CityGML in multiple levels of detail. It is the first such software that produces data in CityGML, and it is specifically designed to derive multi-LOD data suitable for various application domains, such as error propagation.

CityGML2OBJs is a utility that converts CityGML data to OBJ, the most popular 3D format. It has several features, such as semantic decoupling of polygons and storage in separate OBJ files.

We invite researchers and practitioners to test these early versions, and to report bugs and give suggestions for future work.

For more information see the related blog posts for CityGML2OBJs and Random3Dcity.