Ken Arroyo Ohori

Hello there!

I’m Ken Arroyo Ohori, a soon-to-be-finished PhD candidate1 at the 3D geoinformation group of the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. On April 6, 2016, I’ll be defending my thesis on the Higher-dimensional modelling of geographic information (High-quality 200 MB / Low-quality 15 MB / HTML), which I finally finished yesterday. Yay!

I read blogs pretty much every day. Well, not so much read them as stumble across them. When I search for the solution of a problem, most of the time I find it in a scientific paper blog post, a magical corner of Wikipedia or a Stack Overflow-lookalike. In fact, I’m insanely grateful to those who make an effort to help others and who document their own problems, but the collective internet has little to show for it. This blog is a small step towards changing that.

xkcd: Wisdom of the Ancients

Throughout my PhD, I dealt with plenty of technical issues myself, many of which are undocumented elsewhere and which I plan to (slowly) write about. I’ll also propagandise and vent about the programming I do (C/C++, Ruby, Python), about the tools I love (Mac, LaTeX, Git) and those I love to hate (MS Office, Adobe CC), about the academic good life as a postdoc working remotely from Mexico City, and about all my favourite geekery unrelated from my work.

So, on this pi day, I bid you welcome to my blog!

  1. Known in most other countries as a PhD student. Many of us are fortunate enough in the Netherlands to be considered not students, but employees with a salary, holidays and benefits. The times they are a-changin’ though.