About Us

Why We are Different

The Breathe Lab forms part of the 3dgeoinformation chair (3d.bk.tudelft.nl) and collaborates with the Indoor Environment chair at the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. As such, we work with a diverse group of experts in 3D city model reconstruction and comfort and health in buildings.

Our approach focuses in open-science, creating reproducible publications, sharing our simulations and measurement data publicly and developing open-source software. Our expertise in CFD combined with the expertise in Indoor Environments and Geoinformation empowers our group to build the next generation of automatic tools for urban flow predictions.

Why Choose Us

Large fluid dynamics and geoinformation experience in the urban environment, experts dedicated to the impact of urban advancements in people's comfort.

What You Get

To work within a group of international and interdisciplinary people that work in developing open-source tools and performing simulations freely accessible that empower others.

Where Are We

We work at the intersection of different chairs within the faculty of Architecture and the Build Environment. We also collaborate with other faculties in TUDelft, such as Civil Engineering.



Pinelopi Kountori

MSc Student

Analysing the effects of level-of-details in real urban environments.


Runnan Fu

MSc Student

Modeling tree topology effects on wind: The aim of this research project is to explicitly model the features of trees, and analyze the impact of different tree shapes on the flow structure. Also, the performance of traditional dragapproaches will be evaluated and potential improvements in implicit tree modelling will be explored considering as a reference the explicit tree models.


Nadine Hobeika

PhD Student

Data-driven design tool for healthy indoor environments: Nadine's work focuses in exploring computational fluid dynamics approaches to improve current indoor designs towards healthier ventilation set-ups.


Ivan Pađen

PhD Student

Automatic reconstruction of 3D city models tailored to urban flow simulations: Ivan's aim is to ease the life of everyone simulating wind flow, dispersion, or heat transfer in an urban area by shortening the time necessary for geometry preparation and simulation setup.


Clara García-Sánchez

Assistant Professor

Linking Computational Fluid Dynamics with the geoinformation and architecture world: Clara García-Sánchez joined the 3D geoinformation group as an Assistant Professor (tenure track), after receiving the Delft Technology Fellowship in 2019. Her research is focused on wind engineering problems, specifically addressing dispersion and airflow predictions in the built environment.


Let us know if you had any questions, doubts, curiosities or if you would like to work/collaborate with us.

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