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At the BREATHE Lab we Build Research in Environmental Airflows Towards Healthier Environments.


Hi there! We are a dynamic group of researchers that work on diverse topics related to fluids in the built environment. Some of us focus on indoor environments, while others look at the overall city perspective.


Latest Works

Here you can find a summary of our latest research and education works.

Our skills

Journal publications

Summarizing the current state of the research we perform.

Python programming

Open-source based programming for post-processing and analysis of results.

Statistic Analysis

Statistic analysis performed to derive solutions from our simulation results.

Simple Installation

Open-source software with guidelines for installation and usage, plus demos.

Well documented

Experience with other coding languages such as R, C++ and Fortran.

Code freely available online

All our complete developments are shared publicly, welcoming community usage and development.


Let us know if you had any questions, doubts, curiosities or if you would like to work/collaborate with us.

Contact with us