Akshay L. Patil

Affiliations.Delft University of Technology


BK West 550

Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment

Delft, NL

I studied Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Pune in India to obtain my Bachelors of Engineering [B.E.]. I then moved to the Delft University of Technology [TUD] at the CiTG faculty to study Environmental Fluid Mechanics, where I worked mainly on developing and applying Computational Fluid Dynamics [CFD] for tsunami interactions with sea walls and wave overtopping predictions in shallow coastal environments. While at TUD, I briefly visited the University of Western Australia [UWA] as part of my MSc. thesis research.

Inspired by the viability of CFD in environmental flows, I then moved to Stanford University in the United States to study the interaction of surface gravity waves, turbulence, and tidal currents over naturally rough walls. Here I developed a highly efficient parallel code to enable direct simulations of the Navier-Stokes equations for such complex flow environments to better understand the turbulence physics.

I am passionate about environmental flows, turbulence physics, and CFD. Outside my scientific interests, I enjoy music and travelling. Within the 3D Geoinformation research group, I will focus on applying CFD techniques to study flows within urban environments and quantify the uncertainties in these predictions.

We recently started a new seminar series focused on the urban environment inlcuding but not limited to the fluid dynamics, morphological descriptions, and sustainable urban planning (to list a few). Please consider signing up to the `TUrban-seminar` mailing Click here


May 26, 2023 Got funding to study turbulence dynamics over coral reefs using CaNS. Thanks to Clara and Pedro for all the essential support and help!
Mar 1, 2023 Excited to begin my post-doctral research with Prof. Clara Garcia-Sanchez
Jan 20, 2023 Defended my Ph.D. thesis work and enjoying a wonderful break with my wife in CA
Sep 16, 2019 Moved to Stanford University in sunny CA for a Ph.D. with Prof. Oliver Fringer
Aug 31, 2019 Graduated with an MSc. :smiley:
Feb 1, 2019 Started working on my MSc. thesis :smile:
Dec 1, 2018 Started as a Graduate intern at Arcadis B.V., Zwolle, NL
Aug 21, 2018 First publication [here]
Jun 21, 2016 Graduated with a B.E.

selected publications

  1. patilfringer_2023.png
    Characterising the roughness in channel flows using direct numerical simulations
    Akshay Patil, and Oliver Fringer
    Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, Sep 2023
  2. patilfringer2022.png
    Drag enhancement by the addition of weak waves to a wave-current boundary layer over bumpy walls
    Akshay Patil, and Oliver Fringer
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Aug 2022