Potential topics

Below you can find some potential topics, these are only indications of a potential topic, and will have to be refined/extended/specified for the P2 milestone. Other topics are possible, and we encourage you to propose your own topics: speak directly to a supervisor of your choice.

The chosen topic must be related to Geomatics, ie even if you find one area of civil engineering or urbanism very interesting, the way that topic is approached must be inline with the overall learning objectives of the MSc Geomatics programme.

Research topics from the groups at BK

3D geoinformation group topics

Geo-information Organisation and Legislation

OTB GISt group topics


Slides of topics presented on 2018-09-06

Dropbox link

Topics from companies/organisations

It is possible to carry out your graduation thesis work in collaboration with a company/organisation, although there are constraints.

Below are some topics that were sent to us, if you find one interesting contact a staff involved in the MSc Geomatics here at TU Delft (the most suitable one topic-wise; if you don’t know just ask me), since he/she will be your main mentor.

The contact at the company is not one of the two mentors.

Be warned that some of these topics are not 100% suitable for an MSc thesis in Geomatics, but they are a good way to start and in cooperation with the mentors they can be modified.


CycloMedia Technology



Rijkswaterstaat (CIV)

Gemeente Dordrecht

Gemeente Rotterdam (only in Dutch, but in the past they were open to having non-Dutch speakers)