Feb 18 Please watch the video for Lesson 2.2 before the lab. There will be some live demos at the beginning of the lab session.

Feb 17 The presentation for Lesson 2.1 is online

Feb 17 The input data for Assignment 1 contained a small error (see forum) which has been fixed. Download and use the latest version!

Feb 16 Remember that Lesson 2.1 will be given as a short in-person lecture

Feb 14 Lesson 5.2 is online. If you have doubts about val3dity, just have a quick look at it.

Feb 13 Assignment 1 is online

Feb 12 The video for Lesson 2.2 is online

Feb 10 Final course information, Lesson 1.1 and the handout for Lesson 1.2 are online

Jan 17 Draft deadlines are online

Jan 14 Labs and final exam are scheduled

Nov 13 The GEO1004 website is online