Jul 04 The marks of the resits (hw and exam) are in the Overall table.

May 03 All resit homeworks are now online.

Apr 28 The final marks have been uploaded to Osiris. The resit Homeworks 1 and 3 are online.

Apr 23 The marks of Homework 3 and the final exam are online. With those, the final mark calculations are complete. If you want to see your exam or have questions about your marks, come to Ken’s office (BG.West.550) tomorrow (April 24) anytime after 10:00.

Apr 12 The room for the final exam has been changed to Pulse Hall 6

Mar 29 Please help Ken finish his teaching certification by filling in this form

Mar 28 The marks of Homework 2 are online. Hugo will give his feedback in person during the first 15 minutes of Wednesday’s lesson.

Mar 22 Homework 3 is online. It will be introduced on Monday.

Mar 17 The lessons up to 7.2 are online

Mar 16 The marks of the midterm exam are online

Mar 08 The marks of Homework 1 are online

Mar 07 Information about the midterm exam is available. Also, if you haven’t done it already, please send us a pseudonym that we can use to publish your marks anonymously.

Mar 06 Homework 2 and the lessons up to 5.2 are online

Mar 03 For Lesson 4.2, Ravi Peters will give a guest lecture on the 3D BAG.

Feb 27 The lessons up to 4.1 are online

Feb 22 The 3D Voronoi video is online in Lesson 2.1.

Feb 20 Hugo is ill, so there won’t be any live 3D Voronoi demos today. He’ll record a video and upload it instead.

Feb 14 Homework 1 is online. From this week onwards, Fabian Visser will be available for help in the Geolab every Thursday 15-17.

Feb 12 The course Discord and the first week of lessons are online. Homework 0 has been updated.

Jan 25 The GEO1004 2023 website, draft schedule and Homework 0 are online