lesson topic who
1.1 Intro to course / reality, data models and data structures Ken
1.2 Boundary representation Ken
2.1 Generalised and combinatorial maps Ken
2.2 Voxels and voxelisation Ken
3.1 Tetrahedralisations and 3D Voronoi diagrams Hugo
3.2 Three-dimensional geometries in geoinformation Hugo
4.1 Semantic 3D city models Hugo
4.2 B├ęzier curves and surfaces Ken
5.1 The medial axis transform Ravi
5.2 3D Building reconstruction Ravi
6.1 Constructive solid geometry and Nef polyhedra Ken
6.2 Building information modelling Ken
7.1 Conversions between formats Hugo
7.2 Applications of 3D modelling of the built environment Ken