Midterm exam

The midterm exam will be held on March 2 at 15:45 and it will be a 1-hour exam consisting of 6 open questions. That means 10 minutes per question, so try to manage your time. There will be one question per lesson (1.1 to 3.2). That means that it’s not a problem if you’re a bit behind the course.

You are free to check the course materials (videos/handouts/assignments) and any other materials you can find (eg books or the internet). Just please don’t communicate with others. We are asking for your honesty to help us push back against invasive methods in remote education (eg online proctoring).

The exam will be a Markdown (plain text) file that will be published at 15:40 here. You should download it to your computer, add your answers by directly editing the file, and upload it through a Dropbox request here. Exams will be accepted until 16:50, so please avoid problems by uploading it at 16:45 at the latest. If you’re worried about the time, maybe set an alarm for 16:45 on your phone? We will also post a message on Discord at 16:45.

Markdown files look like plain text with minimal formatting, like this. You can edit Markdown files with any text editor, including whatever you use for Python or C++ programming. Some possibilities: Sublime Text (my preferred option), Atom, VS Code, Notepad++. If you really want to answer your questions in another software, you are allowed to upload a PDF file instead.

If you have any questions during the exam, you can send Ken (kenohori#5365) a DM on Discord. Email is also fine.

If something goes seriously wrong (eg sudden illness or internet going down), do not worry. Just contact Ken as soon as you can for alternative arrangements (most likely an oral exam through a video call).