Final exam

The final exam will be held in Pulse Hall 10 on April 14 at 09:00 and it will be a 2-hour paper exam consisting of 12 open questions. That means 10 minutes per question, so try to manage your time. There will be one question per lesson for Lessons 1.1 to 6.2, possibly including relevant parts of your homework assignments. The contents of Lesson 7.1 (conversions) might be covered in combination with other lessons.

During the exam, you are free to check any materials on paper (eg the printed 3D book, old exams and your notes). Using a calculator is allowed, but any other electronic device (eg computer or phone) is not.

We are still in a pandemic, so if you are sick, please do not attend! Just contact Ken as soon as you can for alternative arrangements (most likely an oral exam through a video call).