Final exam

The final exam will be held in Pulse Hall 6 on April 21 at 09:00 and it will be a 2-hour paper exam consisting of 12 open questions. That means 10 minutes per question, so try to manage your time. There will be one question per lesson for Lessons 1.1 to 6.2, possibly including relevant parts of your homework assignments. The contents of Lesson 7.1 (conversions) will be covered in combination with other lessons.

It will be an open book exam, so you are free to check the course materials (videos/handouts/assignments), both printed or on your computer, as well as any other materials you can find (eg technical books or posts on random internet forums). However, you are not allowed to communicate with others and the use of your phone is forbidden (since this is much harder to monitor). We are asking for your honesty to help us make this kind of exams feasible in the future.