Former Staff

This is a list of our former staff and the people who have stayed with us on a research visit. The periods reach up to the formation of the group in 2014.

name position period with us last known position
Teng Wu Research software engineer 2018-2020 IT support position at Hikvision
Kavisha PhD candidate 2015-2020 developer at ASML
Tom Commandeur Researcher 2016-2020
Abdoulaye Diakité Postdoc 2015-2018 postdoc at UNSW Sydney
Jinjin Yan PhD candidate 2016-2018 finishing PhD at UNSW Sydney
Sisi Zlatanova Associate-prof. 2014-2017 professor at UNSW Sydney
Liu Liu PhD candidate 2014-2017 postdoc at Tongji University
Marc Post PhD candidate (external) 2016-2017 GIS specialist at Kadaster
Sangmin Kim Postdoc 2016-2017 Korea Forest Conservation Association
Filip Biljecki PhD 2014-2017 postdoc at National University of Singapore
Xin Du PhD candidate 2015-2016 finishing PhD at Eindhoven University of Technology
Fangyu Li Visiting scholar 2015-2016 lecturer at China University of Petroleum
Shuangfeng Wei Visiting scholar 2015-2016 associate-prof at Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Elif Demir Özbek Visiting PhD 2014-2015 finishing PhD at Istanbul Technical University
Serpil Ates Visiting PhD 2014-2015 finishing PhD at Istanbul Technical University
Zhiyong Wang PhD candidate 2014-2015 postdoc at Heidelberg University
Pirouz Nourian research-assistant 2014-2015 assistant-prof at TU Delft