Hugo Ledoux

associate-prof in 3D geoinformation at TU Delft
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PhD students

GAO Weixiao (2017–now)
Automatic generation of semantic 3D city models from 3D textured meshes

Bob Heester (2017–now)
Integration of GIS and BIM through blockchain technology

Anna Labetski (2016–now)
Generalisation of 3D city models

Kavisha (2015–now)
Storage and dissemination of massive 3D city models

Ravi Peters (2013–2018) defended 2018/03/14
Geographical point cloud modelling with the 3D medial axis transform

Filip Biljecki (2012–2017) defended 2017/05/01
Level of detail in 3D city models

Ken Arroyo Ohori (2011–2016) defended 2016/04/06
Higher-dimensional modelling of geographic information

MSc students

Simon Griffioen (2018)
A voxel-based methodology to detect (clustered) outliers in aerial lidar point clouds

Martijn Vermeer (2018)
Large-scale efficient extraction of 3D roof segments from aerial stereo imagery

Balázs Dukai (2018)
Exploring the automatic Level of Detail inference for the validation of buildings in 3D city models

Yuxuan Kang (2017)
Straightening and simplifying a multi-view stereo mesh of a city

Maya Tryfona (2017)
Bidirectional enrichment of CityGML and Multi-View Stereo Mesh models

Erik Heeres (2016)
Exploring the 3D BAG: How to define it and to what extent can it automatically be created using open data

Tom Broersen (2016)
Automatic identification of water courses from AHN3 in flat and engineered landscapes

Kees Jonker (2016)
Automatic generation of raster-based height data for the Netherlands based on the AHN2 data set

Damien Mulder (2015)
Automatic repair of 3D city building models using a voxel-based repair method

Maarten Pronk (2015)
Storing massive TINs in a DBMS - A comparison and a prototype implementation of the multistar approach

Sjors Donkers (2013)
Automatic generation of CityGML LoD3 building models from IFC models

Prajna Bhattacharya (2012)
Quality assessment and object matching of OpenStreetMap in combination with the Dutch topographic map TOP10NL

Tom Commandeur (2012)
Footprint decomposition combined with point cloud segmentation for producing valid 3D models

Ravi Peters (2012)
A Voronoi- and surface-based approach for the automatic generation of depth-contours for hydrographic charts

Simeon Nedkov (2012)
Knowledge-based optimisation of three-dimensional city models for car navigation devices

Ken Arroyo Ohori (2010)
Validation and Automatic Repair of Planar Partitions using a Constrained Triangulation

Filip Biljecki (2010)
Automatic segmentation and classification of movement trajectories for transportation modes

Tom van der Putte (2009)
Using the discrete 3D Voronoi diagram for the modelling of 3D continuous information in geosciences