3DViz 2016

Workshop on Web-based 3D Geo-Visualisation with Cesium Virtual Globe and 3DCityDB
September 27th-28th, 2016 · Delft, the Netherlands

September 28: The workshop has been a success. We thank everyone for coming.

The recordings of the workshop lectures are available here: Workshop Recordings

The workshop slides and tutorials are available at the TU Munich webpage: Workshop material

Click here for Workshop Agenda

Workshop Recordings

Day 1

Title: Overview of the current relevant standards and technologies for 3D visualization on the web
Presenter: Kanishk Chaturvedi

Day 1

Title: Overview of the relevant existing web browser-based Virtual Globes for 3D Geo-Visualization
Presenter: Kanishk Chaturvedi

Day 2

Title: How to create your own Cesium-based web application by using CityGML and 3DCityDB?
Presenter: Zhihang Yao