3DViz 2016

Workshop on Web-based 3D Geo-Visualisation with Cesium Virtual Globe and 3DCityDB
September 27th-28th, 2016 · Delft, the Netherlands

September 28: The workshop has been a success. We thank everyone for coming.

The recordings of the workshop lectures are available here: Workshop Recordings

The workshop slides and tutorials are available at the TU Munich webpage: Workshop material

We had the pleasure of organising the 3DViz 2016 workshop on Web-based 3D Geo-Visualization with Cesium Virtual Globe and 3DCityDB . The workshop was a collaborative effort of the 3D Geoinformation group, TU Delft, The Netherlands, PDOK, The Netherlands, and Technical University of Munich, Germany. Kanishk Chaturvedi and Zhihang Yao from Technical University of Munich delivered the workshop. Kavisha Kumar (PhD Candidate in the 3D Geoinformation group at TU Delft) was the local organizer. The objective of this workshop/course was to discuss the storage and visualisation of 3D city models. The workshop aimed at sharing associated techniques, methods, uses and points of view. Through this workshop, we explored the state of the art web-based standards and technologies and current modern virtual globes like Cesium and 3DCityDB, the current open source solution for storing 3D city models. The workshop provided:

  • An overview of standards and technologies for browser-based 3D visualization
  • An overview of browser-based virtual globe for 3D geo-visualization
  • Fundamental understanding of the software engine CESIUM Virtual Globe
  • 3D city models storage with 3DCityDB
  • Practical experience with Cesium Virtual Globe & 3DCityDB