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Compiling the CGAL Ipelets under macOS

CGAL Ipelets are great, but with each CGAL and Ipe new releases I need to recompile them, and the procedure seems to be changing all the time. The latest is that Homebrew doesn’t have the source of Ipe anymore, it just pulls the official…

For CGAL 4.11 and Ipe 7.2, here are the steps:

  1. download from
  2. install in /Applications/
  3. $ brew install cgal
  4. download the latest source code of CGAL
  5. $ cd CGAL-4.11.2/demo/CGAL_ipelets/
  6. $ cmake . -DIPE_INCLUDE_DIR=/Applications/ -DIPE_LIBRARIES=/Applications/
  7. you must copy the *.so and lua/*.lua to your ipelets folder. Go to the menu ‘Help/Show configuration’ to see where you should put your newly created Ipe extensions. Mine was ~/.ipe/ipelets so I created that folder and copied the extensions.
  8. $ cp *.so ~/.ipe/ipelets/
  9. $ cp lua/*.lua ~/.ipe/ipelets/
  10. voilà

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