In January 2016, I started a research entitled "What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?", which is an interdisciplinary investigation on using spatial-temporal research in New Testament exegesis. The PhD research seeks to contribute to both the disciplines of geo-information and New Testament research.

Therefore, I will develop a method to model temporal aspects of geo-information. The method will be proofed by applying it to the specific domain of new testament exegesis. The developed method will be a generic solution for modelling time to be able to get more insights into the temporal aspects of geo-information.For the field of New Testament Exegesis it will develop an alternative method for interpretation of texts by looking to the events from a spatial-temporal perspective. Proper attention will be paid to the field of hermeneutics as linking pin in interpreting ancient texts by modern spatial-temporal research. During my research I am supervised by:



I am a senior GIS specialist at the Dutch Kadaster in the department of Customer Solutions. I obtained my MSc degree (GIS, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) in 2015. For my thesis (Improvement of automatic generalisation of man-made water networks for topographic maps by context-dependent pruning) I received the UniGIS International Academic Excellence award. My bachelor studies in Theology I finished in 2008 at Ede Christian University of Applied Science with a thesis on Education in a local church.

Prior and during my MSc I have held several positions at Kadaster Geo-Informatie (formerly Topografische Dienst) as digitizer, operator, cartographer and GIS specialist. Since 2016, I combine my full-time job with a position as guest researcher (PhD) at the Delft University of Technology on a interdisciplinary study on Geographical Information Science and New Testament Exegesis.

I co-authored some academic and professional articles and co-edited an atlas on the history of Dutch topography. I am a member of the commission Geovisualisatie (Nederlands Centrum voor Geodesie en Geo-informatica (NCG)), the scientific program committee (ICA-ISPRS Workshop on Generalisation and Multiple Representation), the STW User Commitee #11300 (5D Data Modelling: Full integration of 2D/3D Space, Time and Scale Dimensions) and the ICA Commission on Generalisation and Multiple Representation.

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